Auto-Verify 3D Model Against Laser Scans

CSA provides a service to validate the accuracy of your 3D CAD model against a laser scan database. The differences between the 3D model and the scans (as-built data) are displayed in color, with each color representing a particular deviation range.

Visual Color Representation of 3D Model against Laser Scans. Green = good, Purple = poor

Visual color representation of 3D model against laser scans.
Green = good, Purple = poor.

The validation also provides a list of 3D model components with deviation distances from the scan locations. This process is accomplished by merging a 3D model, with a set of registered laser scans from virtually any source. (CSA can use most 3D CAD formats.)

3D Components with distance deviations

Identification of plant components with distance deviations from the laser scans. These models can be imported to original design systems for resolution. The categorization of the components by deviations can be varied by component types and distance ranges.

The validation can be done for design models against plant construction. This provides very accurate quality control of construction projects.

Another potential application may include verification of a BIM model with its source scans, to assure modeling quality from as-built scans.

For further information or a quote, please email or call Olga Burger: 770 955 3518.


PanoMap® QC Software Available to Clients

CSA can also offer the PanoMap® QC module to its customers to provide verification of the 3D CAD model and scanned, as-built data.

For do-it-yourself verification, you will need these modules:

  • PanoMap® QC
  • PanoMap®
  • PanoMap® Manager

For further information or a quote, please email or call Olga Burger: 770 955 3518.

PanoMap QC software

PanoMap® QC software, providing 3D model verification against laser scan



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