Bellefonte Unit 1 Turbine Building

CSA, Inc. has signed a contract with TVA for the Bellefonte Unit 1 Turbine Building project. CSA will perform laser scanning, build an intelligent 3D model from 2D drawings, and compare the as-designed to as-built information.

For this project, CSA is using its 3D intelligent modeling software, Plant/CMS™ as well as its laser scanning technology, PanoMap®. CSA’s ability to integrate 3D modeling with laser scans and to identify any discrepancies, is a unique feature of its technology. In addition, the 3D model will be converted to Intergraph SP3D using CSA’s conversion technology.

The Turbine Building project includes over 2,500 individual 3D laser scans, viewable and editable in CSA’s PanoMap® scan database. This database will represent a very accurate as-built representation of the facility, accessible on a Windows PC. The scan database and 3D model will also be available on a tablet, using CSA’s iPanoMap™ software.

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