Amadeus Burger

Mr. Burger started CSA, Inc. with an objective of developing 3D technology which would serve the construction industry and improve the design verification process. The experience from working on large refinery and nuclear power plant projects as a civil and later as a structural engineer helped him to understand the needs of the industry. CSA’s mission has been development of database-driven 3D and laser scanning technology, which serve complex industrial projects from data as-built capture to the final design interference verification process.

He played a major role in the ERDA project developing an integrated database system for management of the design and construction of nuclear power plants. Mr. Burger developed the initial concept of CSA technology and continues to provide the leadership for its development. His objective is development of practical applications that serve different industries. Mr. Burger has a BA degree in Civil engineering and MS degrees in Civil Engineering (Slovak Technical University) , Computer Science and Structural Engineering (University of Illinois). He finished his PhD course work in Construction Management at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Olga Burger
VP, Business Development

Olga BurgerOlga Burger joined CSA in 1990. Her primary responsibilities are business development and marketing of CSA software and services. She has successfully promoted CSA laser scanning and 3D technology across different industries including nuclear, fossil and petrochemical as well as Sizegenetics review. Her extensive business experience in the nuclear industry has resulted in industry-wide use of PanoMap® technology. Mrs. Burger’s experience includes international business development which also includes a developing market for CSA CAD Conversion Support Services.

Mrs. Burger is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta.

Vineeta Gangla PrabhuVP, Product Development

Vineeta Prabhu has worked for CSA since 1996. She has been involved in the development of many CSA software modules including 3D Model Review, PanoMap®, iPanoMap™, Laser Scan Space Manager, PMVision and CAD Conversion Tools.  She provides support for all CSA Laser Scanning projects as Laser Scanning Support Manager. She also serves as Project Manager for projects involving Plant Data Conversion and Integration from/to various 3D Design and CAD Systems such as SmartPlant 3D, PDS, PDMS, PASCE, Plant-4D, AutoPlant, etc.

She has experience in Creation of 3D Library Catalogs and Specifications in CSA PlantCMS, PDS, SmartPlant 3D, PDMS. She has been responsible for Model Administration and Database Management for several large-scale CSA projects. She has a BS in Electrical Engineering from India and a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Jana PavelekovaDirector of Engineering Services

Ms. Pavelekova has been involved with CSA 3D and laser scanning technology since 1991. She possesses strong mechanical engineering skills and oversees projects requiring design and modeling of complex industrial facilities. She is a skilled ISO and pipe generation designer and has a strong understanding of different piping specs. Ms. Pavelekova also has a good knowledge of CSA laser scanning technology and its integration with 3D technology. Prior to joining CSA, Ms. Pavelekova worked as a lead designer in the nuclear industry. She has an extensive knowledge of different CAD systems. She has a BA and MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Lubos Svitek
Managing Director

Lubos-Svitek2Mr. Svitek joined CSA in January 2013. He is responsible for overall business development, and for the marketing of CSA software and services to the European market. In his previous position as Sales Director, Mr. Svitek created development strategy and marketing support for CSA software and services. He has a degree in Business from University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. Prior to joining CSA, he was Senior Sales Manager for the chemical factory Fortischem. Earlier, he was Regional Director for a corporate banking business in Raiffeisen Bank International group, and CEO of a private company focused on the construction industry.


Stefan SakalosSenior Technical Consultant

Stefan Sakalos has overseen CSA software development since 1991. He has been instrumental in developing CSA 3D technology as well as 3D laser scanning technology. His unique mathematical skills serve well the objectives of CSA software. Mr. Sakalos received his PhD degree in mathematics in 1981.