CSA at European Decommissioning Conference

An international “East and Central European Decommissioning” conference, held June 18-20, 2013 in Trnava, Slovakia, provided a forum for CSA, Inc. to inform the nuclear power industry about its latest advances in laser scanning and 3D technology.

The ECED’s program council includes representatives from ten European nations. This year’s conference included national strategic initiatives and concepts, along with specific technologies and methods used in nuclear power plant decommissioning.

CSA’s presentation demonstrated its software and service experience, and its use in five decommissioning projects in the US and UK. The assembled conferees saw a live demonstration of CSA’s PanoMap® laser scan management software, which provides accurate as-built information and offers a variety of applications including component removal and replacement simulation, and automatic interference verification performed directly in scans.

Click for additional information about the ECED Conference.

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