CSA Presents at Utility Working Conference

CSA exhibited its PanoMap® 3D laser scanning technology at this year’s annual Utility Working Conference, organized by ANS and held August 11-14 in Orlando, Florida.

Over 90 nuclear power sites have used PanoMap® successfully for different applications such as interference verification, equipment removal/replacement simulation, and ALARA applications.

CSA also demonstrated this technology and its use for plant maintenance applications in the Conference’s Maintenance Track session.

Here is what DC Cook had to say about PanoMap® for maintenance applications:

“I regularly use it to ‘walkdown’ and locate components when I am planning our work orders. This helps me determine if scaffold or insulation support is needed to do our inspections. Using PanoMap® saves a lot of time walking around out in the Plant to find components, but more importantly, saves me significant dose by being able to locate and identify the components from the office instead of spending time in radiological areas.

“The maintenance planners and I use PanoMap® in preparation for Maintenance Outage work planning. Many components are located off the ground. PanoMap® is useful to determine the height of components relative to the ground, which determines if scaffolding is required.”

See also the American Nuclear Society website for more information about this conference.

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