CSA Presents, Shanghai SNPTC Scanning Seminar

On August 28, 2013, CSA President Amadeus M. Burger presented at SNPTC’s “Laser Scanning Technology in Nuclear Power Plant Applications Seminar”, held in Shanghai.

Mr. Burger’s address included demonstrations of PanoMap® laser scanning software as applied to practical industrial applications. His examples included laser scanning technology used for insulation design and installation simulation, equipment management, maintenance optimization, design changes, renovation and interference checking, radiation protection, visualization and path optimization, and plant life extension.

This seminar included nuclear power experts from numerous affiliated companies. Among those in attendance were representatives from Nuclear Power Operation and Management Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.; Shandong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.; State Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.; and the National Nuclear Centre for Software Technology.

SNPTC Attendees, Including CSA President Amadeus Burger (As reported by SNPTC, the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation—see also original website link, here.)

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