Intelligent Piping Modeling from Laser Scans

CSA has implemented, within PanoMap®, powerful functionality to model intelligent pipelines from laser scans. The functionality uses CSA’s extensive piping libraries for component selection that can be automatically fit on pipelines within the scans. The procedure creates a fully intelligent piping model which can be converted to all major CAD and Plant Design Systems like SmartPlant3D, PDS, PDMS, etc.

CSA piping libraries contain realistic symbols of the piping components which allow them to be automatically fitted to the scans with “one click” placement. The procedure also uses CSA’s PanoMap® “one click” cylinder fitting, routing of thin tubes, automatic cylinder generation, and other PanoMap® modeling features. The resulting piping model is fully suitable for the generation of bill of materials, piping ISOs, interface to stress analysis software, etc. For further information, please contact:

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