New Nuclear-Plant Construction Contract Awarded

CSA was recently awarded a contract to work on a new nuclear plant construction project. Currently, CSA is using laser scanning and 3D technology to provide support for the erection of rebar and embedment for the concrete placements. Our services include creation of a comprehensive 3D database of the concrete placements, identifying and resolving interferences and providing support to the construction group. Additional services include using CSA’s technology and expertise to convert and integrate CAD models from various systems such as PDS and Tekla.

New Nuclear Plant Construction

Major benefits of our technology include integration and automatic comparison between 3D models and laser scans, and identification of any discrepancies in the 3D model. The PanoMap® database can handle thousands of scans, and the technology provides easy and dynamic retrieval of any scan in the database. For this project, CSA will also leverage its iPanoMapTM application, for access to both the laser scans and the 3D model on a tablet (Android). This application is designed for the construction environment.

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