PanoMap® 3D Model App Slices and Displays

Navigating large 3D CAD models is no longer just for 3D CAD gurus. CSA’s new PanoMap® 3D Model application can be fully utilized by those with no previous CAD experience, and is not limited by the model’s size or scope.

3D models are now viewable on a vast range of devices, thanks to CSA’s Windows PC- based software, and its Android-based tablet/smartphones app.

For ease of navigation, a master 3D model is automatically “scanned” at pre-established intervals, with keyplans created for each model elevation. Penomet® application is used to slice each model elevation, with the location of the model’s panoramic views linked on a map-like “keyplan”.

Just click on the location, and a 3D model is displayed at that location in panoramic view. Like the 3D laser scan views available with PanoMap® models, you can pan, scan and zoom to areas of interest.

The display is fully intelligent, with model component names displayed as mouse-over hints, and the model can be integrated with other plant databases. These “scan” views’ component information can be used to access entire libraries of drawings, documents, videos, schematics, and more. Also, PanoMap® 3D Model can be accessed using PanoMap® Search to find particular components within the plant.

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