PanoMap® Search Leverages Fuzzy Logic, P&IDs

CSA’s new PanoMap® Search application provides fast, easy access to large-scale PanoMap® 3D scan databases. Now a user can locate labels identifying individual plant components such as valves, pipelines, equipment, welds, supports, and inspection points that are typically included in these databases. When 3D intelligent models are available, component IDs can be transferred automatically from the 3D model to the laser scan 3D model. 

You may choose to locate a component in the plant by:

  • Component name; or
  • P&ID

Search by Component ID

PanoMap® Search uses a fuzzy search functionality to select the component. Start by typing any part of the component ID you can recall, and (similar to modern Web search engine logic) the system will start to auto-fill potential information. Continue typing until a component can be chosen from an on-screen list. Clicking the component will display a scan view closest to the component of interest. It will also display the location of the scans on an interactive keyplan (map) of the floor area. At this point, you may use all PanoMap® functions, or return to perform additional searches.

Search by Plant P&IDs

Intelligent P&IDs, when available for a project, are displayed in a sortable list. You can select a component from the P&ID, which can be located anywhere within the plant scan database. PanoMap® Search will select the closest scan to this component and zoom to clearly display the component.  A second PanoMap® window displays an interactive keyplan, with the component identified in a 2D view as well, to help orient the user to its plan location.

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