PanoMap® Technology Updates

CSA’s newest version of its PanoMap® software now features a suite of fast, easy one-click model creation tools:

One Click Cylinder – fast modeling of cylindrical structures, including complex piping systems

One Click 3D Macro Placement – fast intelligent modeling using library components from extensive Plant/CMS component libraries

One Click 3D Polygonal Plane Placement – fast modeling of the polygonal shapes, walls, floors, etc.

These features represent a new approach to the creation of intelligent, highly accurate modeling with just one click on the panoramic laser scan.

CSA is also developing new PanoMap® functionality to instantly merge 3D CAD models with 3D scans. This capability will afford real-time review of new design, simulation of component removal/replacements, confirmation and checking of the modeled structures. Interferences (clash detection) are also supported with this enhanced application.

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