Polymerization Plant Relocation

CSA has received a contract for a project in CANADA which includes a relocation of a Polymerization Plant to Azerbaijan. For this project, CSA will provide laser scanning and will create an intelligent as-built 3D model from the laser scans. The laser scan database will contain over 1,600 high resolution scans.

As a part of the project CSA will provide integration between PanoMap® laser scan database and plant P&ID’s. For this project, CSA will be using its 3D intelligent modeling technology, Plant/CMS™ and PanoMap® laser scanning technology. The laser scan database and 3D model will also be provided on Android tablet using CSA’s iPanoMap™ technology. The 3D model will be converted into Intergraph PDS format. The laser scan data and the 3D model will be used for re-assembly of the plant at the final location.

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