Nuclear Plants

Recent project utilizing PanoMap® technology include:

  • Equipment Removal/Replacement of FWH, RC Pump, Circuit Breaker, Valve, RHR
  • EPU Support
  • Permanent Shielding
  • Permanent Platforms
  • NRC Generic Letter 2008-01 (Gas voids)
  • ALARA applications
  • Pipe Insulation Replacement
  • Condenser Mods

CSA has provided laser scanning software and services to over 90 US nuclear power plants. The PanoMap® software has aided the industry significantly, providing accurate as-built documentation. The automatic interference verification, done directly in laser scans, can ensure interference free design. Combining CSA PanoMap® with 3D technology makes an easy verification of as-built with as-designed.

An ability to customize its PanoMap® and 3D tools helps the industry to make challenging projects more predictable, and to save time and dose.

Typical projects using PanoMap® technology include replacement of FWH, RP, RHR, pipe insulation, and transformers. Interference verification is done directly in laser scans, with the new design modeled and merged with the scanned data. Clashes are identified automatically.

PanoMap® technology has been used successfully in support of the NRC Generic Letter 2008-01 requiring identification of air pockets. For this requirement, CSA developed a customized application which allowed for a complete documentation of air pockets, saved as pipe slope reports formatted as easy-to-use spreadsheets, with links to piping diagrams and object-level granularity.

A particularly unique CSA projects involved calculating dust volume in a drywell. For this, CSA used the laser scans, and a 3D model built by CSA 20 years ago. Currently, CSA is working on dose estimation tools using the scanned database as a background.

A list of US Nuclear Plants where CSA software and services are being used:

Ameren/UE Corporation American Electric Power Arizona Public Service Co.
Constellation Energy Detroit Edison Dominion Nuclear
Duke Power Entergy Operations, Inc. Exelon Corp.
First Energy Florida Power and Light Co. Luminant
Omaha Public Power District PP&L PSEG
Progress Energy South Carolina Electric and Gas Co. South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Co.
Southern Nuclear Operating Co. Tennessee Valley Authority Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp.
Xcel Energy    

International Nuclear Plants

British Energy (UK) Jaslovské Bohunice (Slovakia) KOPEC (Korea)
Pebble Bed Reactor, Pty. (South Africa) Temelin (Czech Republic) Toshiba (Japan)