Other Projects

CSA has provided services to a major semiconductor manufacturer, providing software and associated services during reconstruction of its manufacturing facility.  Plant/CMS™ 3D technology was used during the design/construction phase.

During this process, CSA provided verification of design using the construction model concept, wherein the design model is converted into the construction model. This yields an accurate display of construction sequencing with corresponding activities. CSA used its scheduling application, PM/Vision, to create a unique construction model.

CSA was commissioned to laser scan an entire exhibition of sculptures and created detailed AutoCAD drawings using PanoMap® mesh from 3D scans.

Use of PanoMap® for rigging application included the rail transport of large transformer through a train tunnel, to identify of any potential interferences.

A partial list of specialty projects where CSA software and services are being used:

  • EPRI
  • GiTy
  • Semiconductor Plants