River Bend & Millstone Benefit from iPanoMapTM

Both River Bend Nuclear Station and MillStone Power Station report improved productivity and reduced need for walkdowns through their iPanoMapTM laser scan database. Using the Android app on a 10″ tablet, these facilities can access 3D scans quickly and conveniently, and can use the devices to annotate scans with site-specific photos, videos, and component labeling information. These scan databases include views with merged 3D models and have been used for interference verification.

To date, CSA has created tablet-based iPanoMapTM versions for most of their current PC-based PanoMap® plant models. These portable versions may include projects with thousands of scans and have been used extensively for reviews and walkdowns.

iPanoMapTM can be customized; also, scans from other sources can be converted into iPanoMapTM .

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