Conversion Services

CSA, over the years, has developed the technology and ability to support conversions from and to a variety of Plant design systems

(such as SmartPlant 3D, PASCE, PDMS, Plant-4D, PDS, CADMATIC, CATIA, AutoPlant, AutoCAD, MicroStation and several other products). Typically, the conversion is supported using transfer to CSA’s Plant/CMS™ model format as an intermediate step and from Plant/CMS™ to the destination format. In this approach, the conversion data can be verified and augmented within the Plant/CMS™ environment which provides a comprehensive repository of intelligent plant data in an object-oriented specification-driven environment.  Plant/CMS™ has extensive Catalogs and Component Libraries supporting the conversion process and a comprehensive Neutral File representation which is used in the process.

CSA provides both services and/or the tools to the client based on the client’s specific project needs.