Creation of Intelligent 3D Models

CSA also offers services creating intelligent 3D models from legacy drawing documentation.

These models can be utilized for a variety of applications and can be updated with laser scan data and other walkdown information.

CSA has developed extensive libraries to facilitate creation of intelligent 3D models from legacy databases. The legacy plant documentation provides intelligence and the scanning provides accurate plant location information. If the laser scan model is available, it can be compared with the 3D model and adjusted to the as-built representation of the plant. Once the model is built, the model can be converted to other CAD systems.

Implementing of a large-scale integrated 3D database requires the use of existing client legacy databases, the integration of the technology with client systems and applications.

CSA’s custom software development typically includes:

  • Development of customized applications
  • Support for conversions from legacy databases
  • Interface to other CAD systems
  • Specialized analysis