Software Installation and Training

CSA installs applicable software and trains our client personnel to use the technology.

This training is specifically developed for each client, and is provided as part of the initial project implementation.

Training is performed either at a CSA location, or at the client site. Training typically covers:

  • PanoMap® Functionality
  • Review of the PanoMap® Scan Database Structure
  • Accessing Scans and Objects via Project and Scene tabs
  • Managing PanoMap® Scene Objects
  • Placing Labels in a Scan
  • Using WinTab for locating P&ID components
  • Adding Dimensional Information to a Scan
  • Fitting Simple Geometry
  • Interfacing to Model Review via Scan Submodels
  • Extracting Point Cloud information from Scans
  • Importing and Exporting From/To 3D CAD Software
  • Identifying Visible Scans using 3D Model Selection