Specifications and Libraries

CSA’s Plant/CMS™ (Plant Configuration Management System) encompasses a comprehensive database of 3D objects and has been used to support the creation of large-scale 3D models of very complex plants and facilities. Plant/CMS™ provides a comprehensive repository of intelligent plant data in an object-oriented specification-driven environment. It has extensive Specifications and Component Libraries supporting the creation of complex 3D models, for a broad range of industries including Power (and specifically Nuclear), Petrochemical, Semi-Conductor, Paper and Pulp, Chemical and Military.

This vast catalog repository is leveraged to support legacy conversions from/to various 3D plant design systems. In addition, CSA uses the derived experience and technology to provide services and tools to clients to develop their 3D libraries.

CSA has extensive experience in creating Specifications and Catalogs in SmartPlant 3D and PDS. In fact, some of the specifications and component symbols delivered with the out-of-the-box installation of SmartPlant 3D (SP3D) were developed by CSA as a service to Intergraph.

Recent such projects include creation of:

  • Cable Tray Specs in SP3D – Cooper B-Line Catalog
  • Piping Specs in SP3D
  • Cable Tray Specs and Catalog Parts in SP3D – WIBE Catalog, STAGO Catalog, Anvil
  • Hanger/Support Libraries in SP3D – Cooper B-line Cable Tray Supports, Bergen Pipe Support Library, Anvil Nuclear Pipe Support Library
  • Piping Specs in PDS
  • Piping Specs in Plant-4D