Mobile technology tablets and smart phones provide effective and powerful tools to realistically represent the complex plant configuration and associated information.CSA’s Laser Scanning PanoMap® Technology can provide complex laser scan representation of the plant in a highly compressed format.  Using the PanoMap® representation, a tablet or smart phone with 32GB of memory can support approximately 10,000 spherical laser scans of the plant.  This number of scans is sufficient to have a complete representation of a nuclear plant. iPanoMap™ is the software which supports the mobile device applications.  iPanoMap™ was developed from the very successful PC PanoMap® version.

The plant laser scan database is organized around the plant layout representing buildings, floors, and areas. Once the user selects an area, a drawing is displayed with scan locations within the area. Each scan location is represented by a photographic quality view of the area with the ability to pan or zoom in full 360 degree mode. With 2-3 selections, the user can instantly access any part of the plant on the tablet.