PanoMap® Manager

PanoMap® Manager is a suite of applications that provides the functionality and tools for creation of the laser scan database.This includes functions such as processing of the raw laser scan point-cloud data into 3D intensity and depth bitmaps and panoramas that are viewed in PanoMap®,Manager registration of the processed scans whereby individual scans are located relative to other scans and also located to the plant model coordinate system. PanoMap® Manager also provides tools to automatically generate the surface mesh representation, cube mesh generation, and other processes required for the handling of laser scans.

CSA also being a service provider, typically performs the tasks of processing, registration and creation of the overall laser scan database and providing the database and complete turn-key solution to the client. However, license and software installation of PanoMap® Manager are available to those clients that may prefer or choose to perform this activity themselves.

CSA accept scans created by all common scanners and provides a service to process the scans into a laser scan database in PanoMap® format. PanoMap® contains powerful functions for support of plant asset management.