Plant/CMS™ Database

CSA’s Plant/CMS™ or Plant Configuration Management System database is a comprehensive database of 3D objects and has been used to support the creation of large-scale 3D models of very complex plants and facilities. The 3D model database is used to support the complete life-cycle of a plant all the way from design, construction, start-up, operation, maintenance, and at times decommission.

Plant/CMS™ provides a comprehensive repository of intelligent plant data in an object-oriented specification-driven environment. It has extensive Specifications and Component Libraries supporting the creation of complex 3D models, for a broad range of industries including Power (and specifically Nuclear), Petrochemical, Semi-Conductor, Paper and Pulp, Chemical and Military. This vast catalog repository is leveraged to support legacy conversions from/to various 3D plant design systems. It is also used to support 3D model integration with the laser scanning technology.